War Riders? is a next generation, post-apocalyptic MMO strategy game
of mining (collecting) cryptocurrency and blowing up cars. The game
revolutionizes blockchain asset trading by introducing the first ever, in-game item marketplace truly owned by its users.

War Riders is reimagining the nature of MMO gaming by providing a platform where users rest assure their hard-earned loot crates and virtual gold/coins are safe. At the heart of this is Benzene (BZN) – the only form of payment left to trade in the Wasteland. Players discover BZN waypoints in the Wasteland and fill up their tanks with the valuable resource. In order to redeem BZN, the players have to bring what  they?ve collected back to their garages without being shamelessly robbed on the way home. Benzene will be used to buy better guns, additional garage spaces, armor, nitro-boost, and it can also be exchanged for other virtual currencies.

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