Soccer Manager Elite is an evolution of the classic SM Worlds real-time multiplayer game, utilising blockchain technology, giving you true realism, ownership and total control.  Only a limited number of clubs are available to manage in one exclusive game world, “The Elite Championship”.

Become a manager, agent, club owner, share trader, speculator, or any combination of these in one huge persistent, open-ended game world playing against thousands of users. Experience a thriving football economy that uses blockchain technology to give you true realism, asset ownership and total control.

All the clubs are owned by shareholders (other players) who appoint their managers. This allows the game to be played by the thousands.

  • SM Elite is a remake of the classic battle proven MMO game, “SM Worlds”, which is over 15 years old, has had millions of users – still attracting them in their thousands.
  • The same team that built SM Worlds built SM Elite.
  • The Xaya blockchain is based on Bitcoin Core and adapted for fully decentralised, autonomous, provably fair and unstoppable.
  • The Xaya team built the world’s first blockchain game, Huntercoin, back in 2013.

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