NiftyVille is a town of endless possibilities… just as real-life is. If you can imagine it… you can do it in NiftyVille! Explore the town with a range of different people to meet. Shops to explore. And things to do.
Currently the map is 12km2 and regroups 13 Points Of Interest, this includes various cities, towns, residential, military, industrial, and miscellaneous areas.

All primary NFT drops for NiftyVille will happen on ETH, but we will be leveraging an ETH->WAX bridge in order to maintain the utility on the WAX Blockchain, including lending, staking…and much more!

In NiftyVille, we will be using two currencies :

– VOID, that is Onessus’ cryptocurrency, will be used for accessing exclusive NFT drops, whitelisting events and will allow you to stake and level up your NFTs.

– NiftyCoins, the in-game currency that is centralized, will be used for most actions that you undertake in the game like buying cars, clothes, etc.

We are confident that both these currencies will help us balance the game so that it is suitable for both gamers and crypto fans.

All materials come from the publisher or developer site.
For more information, click (PLAY GAME) above.

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