Fight and defend against Crystal Scourge as it works to corrupt every planet and living being that it encounters, explore your planet to secure valuable resources, and build thriving settlements as you work to cleanse your planet and defeat the Crystal Scourge. The Crystal Scourge has mutated and corrupted the flora and fauna of almost every planet in the Hermeian Galaxy. The surviving races will need to quickly learn to defend themselves or fall to the Crystal Scourge?s onslaught


To defeat the Crystal Scourge, the player will need to build a well-defended and functioning base. Gather basic resources, refine them into their advance form, and prepare yourselves for waves of monsters.


The player will have one week to explore their own planetoid and defeat the crystal scourge. Though at first everything will look peaceful, things will quickly become dangerous. But ? the longer you last, the better resources you will find!

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