After the success of Orginal Bayc Ethereum and BAYCTron. ETCBayc are now on Ethereum Classic! Don’t miss the chance to own them. ETCBayc, is an exclusive 10,000 only mint-able premium NFT. No two pieces of these 10,000 digital beauties are alike. Each being unique and pristine, there is an order of rarity that makes certain ones more valuable than the others. each Bored Ape is inspired by its Ethereum counterpart.

Each ape costs 2 ETC (+gas) with a maximum mintage of 20 Apes. Find out more about our Mint Time in ourĀ Discord.

Non Fungible Token, replace Fungible to Replaceable. There you get it! It is unique one of kind item that is provably rare. Think baseball cards on steroids.

All materials come from the publisher or developer site.
For more information, click (PLAY GAME) above.

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