Fight Legends is an exciting new PVP & PVE play-to-earn blockchain game featuring the best fighters in the Multiverse fighting each other for fame and glory. Collect, trade, level up, and customise NFT Fighters and other NFT items in a player-owned economy where you truly own the in-game resources you earn. Fight your way to the top of the multiverse to become a Fight Legend and take your rewards.

In our Arcade PVP mode, Fight Legends will offer new players a rotating roster of base-level fighters to play with for free. To play with fighters in PVE utilizing their NFT stats beyond the base level though, players will have to either borrow Fighters to play with or buy an NFT fighter of their choice. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the in-game NFTs and how they will relate: 

★ Fighters – Fight and earn while training in your NFT Gym ★ Trainers – Gives boosts to your Fighters training in Gym as well as in-fight boosts 

★ Gyms – This is the player’s home base for all NFT assets. Here you train your fighters with the help of a strategic boost from the Trainer NFT the player chose to select for the role


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